Tools for Comparative Genomics


Conditions Regarding Use of Phylo-VISTA:

  1. If you publish results in an article based in part on the use of this applet, please cite the reference below.
  2. We encourage you to post PHYLO-VISTA visualizations of a particular dataset online as long as you include the citation listed below as well as a link to the main PHYLO-VISTA web site (
    We ask, however, that you not distribute the PHYLO-VISTA applet yourself, nor incorporate the PHYLO-VISTA applet into any server that generates alignments, visualizes alignments submitted to that server, or does whole genome visualization.
  3. You are not permitted to redistribute the PHYLO-VISTA code without permission. At this time, we intend to retain the central distribution site for non-commercial users at this web site. If you would like to obtain distribution rights for commercial purposes, please contact the Technology Transfer Department at and reference "PHYLO-VISTA".