Tools for Comparative Genomics

VISTA is a comprehensive suite of programs and databases for comparative analysis of genomic sequences. There are two ways of using VISTA - you can submit your own sequences and alignments for analysis (VISTA servers) or examine pre-computed whole-genome alignments of different species.


Submit Your Sequences


mVISTA tool thumbnail
  • mVISTA

    Align and compare your sequences from multiple species

  • gVISTA

    Compare your sequences against whole-genome assemblies.

  • wgVISTA

    Align pair of sequences up to 10Mb long (finished or draft) including microbial whole-genome assemblies.


Precomputed Alignments

VISTA Browser

VISTA Browser tool thumbnail
  • VISTA-Point

    Access complete data and visual presentation of pairwise and multiple alignments of whole genome assemblies.

  • VISTA Browser

    Examine pre-computed pairwise and multiple alignments of whole genome assemblies.



April 2014
Updated the Sorghum, Monkey flower, Moss, Maize, Medicago, Switchgrass, and Soybean assemblies, and added 5 new plants: C. grandiflora, Drummond's rockcress, Turnip mustard, A. halleri, and Hall's panicgrass.

180 New whole-genome plant alignments are added to VISTA Browser.

August 2013
Updated the C. elegans and C. briggsae assemblies, and added 5 new worms: C. brenneri, C. remanei, C. japonica, C. sp. 11, and C. angaria.

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Enhancer DB

Enhancer DB iconExperimentally validated human noncoding fragments with gene enhancer activity as assessed in transgenic mice.

JGI Genome Portal

Genome Portal iconFind VISTA alignments for a number of genomes sequenced in the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute