Tools for Comparative Genomics


How to Download mVISTA:

Click here to register for and to download mVISTA, Avid, or both.


Academic Research Use:

mVISTA and Avid are free for academic or non-profit research institutions to use for internal research purposes.

Commercial Use:

Commercial companies may submit sequences over the Web using the VISTA web site at no charge. To obtain a copy of mVISTA or Avid for internal use, commercial entities are required to purchase a site license for commercial use.

The pricing for a site license for commercial use is:


US$ 10,000 for one site; US$ 5,000 for each additional site


US$ 10,000 for one site; US$ 5,000 for each additional site

This is a one-time payment that allows internal use of the downloaded software by an unlimited number of users at a single site. Additional site licenses for the same commercial entity (or an affiliate) may be purchased at 50% discount.

Future releases of the downloaded software may be purchased separately on an "if and when available" basis. Existing site licensees will receive a 30% discount off the purchase price of future releases.

Updates & Support:

Berkeley Lab is a national research laboratory, not a commercial software vendor. Net revenues derived through this licensing program are used for R&D, education or technology transfer activities. Because we are not a software vendor, Berkeley Lab neither charges for nor offers formal technical support. Furthermore, Berkeley Lab will not legally commit to providing bug-fixes, updates, maintenance or support for the software.

Even though we are not legally required to do so, we may, however, choose to provide technical support in response to questions or requests for assistance at our sole discretion; also, we may choose to provide bug-fixes or updates at no additional charge if we deem this appropriate.

Software Evaluation:

If you would like to evaluate mVISTA or Avid prior to downloading a copy, please do so by accessing the VISTA Home Page. There you can see and test how mVISTA works, at no charge, by submitting genomic sequences over the Web. mVISTA and Avid are available for unlimited use via the Web at no charge. Because the functionality of mVISTA and Avid are available for evaluation on the Web, Berkeley Lab does not offer copies of mVISTA or Avid for download for evaluation purposes.

System Requirements:

AVID is a C++ program and is available as an executable file for SunOS 5.7+, Linux 2.2.16+, and Mac OSX.

mVISTA is a platform-independent Java application which requires a Java Virtual Machine 1.2.1 or better.