Tools for Comparative Genomics

Custom Alignment

We have developed several comparative genomics servers that calculate pairwise and multiple alignments of user-submitted sequences of any length and perform associated conservation analysis.

The user-friendly visualization technique implemented in our servers allows a biomedical researcher to analyze megabases of sequence alignments with underlying sequence annotation, predicted transcription factor binding sites, and evolutionary relationships.

  • mVISTA

    Align and compare your sequences from multiple species

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  • rVISTA

    (regulatory VISTA) combines transcription factor binding sites database search with a comparative sequence analysis. It can be used directly or through mVISTA, Genome VISTA, or VISTA Browser.

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  • gVISTA

    compare your sequences with several whole genome assemblies. It will automatically find the ortholog, obtain the alignment and VISTA plot..

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  • wgVISTA

    Align sequences up to 10Mb long (finished or draft) including microbial whole-genome assemblies.

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  • Phylo-Vista

    Analyze multiple DNA sequence alignments of sequences from different species while considering their phylogenic relationships.